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Supplier Portal compatible with

Allows the reception of invoices in a more efficient way; going through the automatic validations of the SAT and generation of your

CARTA PORTE Complement

The safest and most reliable platform for your company

We help you automate and and streamline the receipt of invoices


Reduce manual work in document verification and automatic account payable generation


Recepción de Factura Electrónica

Receipt of Invoice Validation

Automatically receive and validate 
all your supplier invoices at a single point of entry. 
The portal server is hosted on a physical server.

Integración SAP y otros ERP

Integration of SAP and other ERP systems

We ensure the integration of our system with your current ERP or accounting system.

Parámetros actualizados y perzonalizados

Updated and customized parameters

We are always up to date with the official fiscal changes so that you comply with the law.
(Bill of Lading Complement)
Send the invoice by email or download it in PDF or XML.

Sistema web responsivo.

Responsive WEB System

We have a responsive Web system so you can manage the information from any mobile device.

Minimizar Riesgos.


Detects cancellations with
a single click.
Minimizes risks.

Supplier Portal Process

The supplier generates the invoice and stamps it in the SAT.


  • Issuer and sender RFC validation

  • Purchase order with entry of merchandise or service

  • Purchase order  or entry of unbilled merchandise

  • Entry of merchandise or service not canceled

  • Validation of merchandise or service entry amounts vs invoice

  • Validation of waste for raw material (if required)

  • Validation of UUID relationship with credit notes

Note: You can add the validations that are necessary in the process

Generate your Complements CARTA PORTE

This new requirement is mandatory as of September 30, 2021

  • The Carrier Letter supplement is incorporated into the Transfer-type CFDI to prove possession of the goods, providing information on the origin and destinations of the goods that are moved through the different means of transport.

  • Taxpayers who provide goods transfer services by different means of transport, may issue an Income-type CFDI incorporating the Carrier Letter supplement, with which the legal possession of the goods may be protected.

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